The smart Trick of Flat Earth That Nobody is Discussing

Eric, dont be goaded into saying anything as part of your defence. dont even accept their videos, they would like to upset you, and by even mentioning their videos is marketing for them and they know you are conscious of and manufactured touch upon their function. Sinply disregard them, folks get upset When they are disregarded. just title them so reality seekers know to put them about the blackened record, but dont comment,dont occur into their baiting, by doing this they have received a spherical, as it has upset you enought to comment. By their own executing These are displaying the things they are, people today looking for the truth are usually not Silly, and can come to their particular judgement finally.

Steven William Engelhardt:  is another Lively Fb shill who who joined IFERS as "" which is his Web site. He also began a "Flat Earth Wiki" site and hounded me for months to contribute to it when he hadn't nevertheless contributed everything to it himself. He eventually created a few paragraphs with regard to the Bedford Amount, promoted it throughout Facebook like it was some terrific accomplishment, then even further pleaded for getting me and Some others to contribute to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just did not have time for, and it seemed like he didn't both from the condition of it (very similar to Lori's lazily produced, never current FlatEarthConspiracy.

My facebook account is compromised, I have a substantial team of ball Earthers flooding any posts I make, I have enraged Lots of people as I article inquiries no ball Earther can answer.

  I used to be much more than inclined, but unfortunately as you could see right here, on the other hand, they weren't ready to comply with my calls for  :)

So he claims without the need of proof the celestial bodies are "projections"; He claims without proof that Admiral Byrd achieved the "dome"; He also statements with out proof that warmth isn't a result of the Solar (in his design) but by unfamiliar procedures beneath the flat Earth!

  Acenci relayed Mark's concept which said, "Certainly I don't have proof that every thing within the sky is really a projection of some variety. The glimpse, and belief I'm using is strictly from a style and design standpoint."  And herein lies Mark's approach to muddying the waters of Flat Earth real truth and poisoning the flat Earth effectively.  Everything he has to say to the flat Earth subject matter is predicated on "his product"; not science, evidence, experiments, proof, or reason, but relatively what he thinks performs best from "a match design and style standpoint" (due to the fact he was a video video game designer).

Despite the fact that not a fundamentalist myself I'm conscious in their (fundamentalists') positions adequate to respect Skiba's technique. I do not know if Mark is actually a shill or not but following currently being exposed to much more and better info I find him the minimum informed on the good deal. But if he's a shill Doing the job to confuse the issue, he's probably alerting more and more people to the model than detracting individuals from it. I do think It is as the theory is tantalizing and provocative ample to promote the truthseeker into even more research, which means publicity to more and improved information, and in the end bigger bs detection. So thanks Mark for obtaining me intrigued adequate to uncover Eric and Rob. Another thing is certain ... the rabbit hole goes the many way down. At 64 several years of age I assumed I'd scraped base ... come to discover, I am just getting going.

"  This was fairly Unusual taking into consideration he'd in no way contacted me or joined my Discussion board before now, admitted to obtaining never go through a single web site on the Discussion board, and yet he was presently registered and putting up on two of my sworn enemy Acenci's shill community forums!

Eric, Just after observing quite a few your videos I obtained your reserve and possess go through up into the Boylan account and so seemed him up and located this website page on your web site. It seems most likely NASA was capable to convince Boylan he may possibly find it a lot more agreeable to his lifetime fashion to operate for them as being a dis-information agent than ending up in a very land fill.

Even so the bowl shape or concave was a little bit puzzling. Thanks for opening the intellect of a 50 year aged. Whilst I am nevertheless not convinced I'll continue to keep investigating.thanks a great deal. The masonic lodge I've dug into a little bit but I did not find out about the Jesuits. Sustain five he fantastic do the job.

I are already considered a "crank" by my nearest and dearest for over thirty yrs for your "conspiracy" stuff I investigation and consider, so why stop now?

This on line library is made up of a increasing number of Flat Earth resources. We have interviews, newspaper and journal articles plus the premier collection of Flat Earth Modern society newsletters on this planet (on line or if not!

the schill assault triggers alot of excellent men and women, such as in these comments, and mates i have, to be banned with the IFERS board for creating relaxed feedback - This can be the tactic in the schills - "to lead to a great deal of difficulty" that even non-schills get banned and discourage them.

Hi Eric I grew up on significantly rockaway ny, and on clear times we would be able to see new jersey which had to be 60 miles away quick.

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